Stress Management Session by Shri Dilip Kumar and Entrepreneurs benefitted by Motivational book अप्प दीपो भव

The pen is very powerful and it is capable of changing society.

We are talking about a writer who is not only serving the Industry department but also motivating youths with his capabilities of writing.

Shri Dilip Kumar is one of the honest and humble background IRTS officers who wrote several books and was Also awarded by Maithalisharan Gupt Award by the Ministry of Railways.


Today we are going to discuss a few books written by him. It was a time of fear and negativity during COVID-19 when all of us were scared but he didn't stop and thought of bringing positivity by writing books.


Let's have a look at his book "अप्प दीपो भव" which was released in 2021.

In this book, he discusses different life lessons and how one should follow the path of Buddha.

In the first lesson, he talked about " सच्ची साधना और सदगुरु की संगति से मिलता है सच्चा ज्ञान"

This lesson talks about the importance of the Guru, the Right surroundings, and Knowledge.

The second lesson is on "उठ जाग मुसाफिर भौर भयो"


In this lesson author is talking about the importance of rising early

The third lesson is on "प्रभु, प्रकृति और पुरखों का करें प्रातः वंदना"

In this lesson, the Author gave importance to God, Mother Nature, and our ancestors.

The fourth lesson is "पेट साफ़ हर रोग दफा"

The fifth lesson is प्रातः काल में ही प्रकृति से जुड़िए।

The author highlighted how to connect early morning and Nature.


Likewise below you can find the list of different lessons:

तन सुंदर तो मन सुंदर

आज की प्लानिंग क्या है पार्टनर 

जलपान कैसा, महाराज जैसा 

घर से निकलते ही 

डर के आगे जीत है 


There are many more lessons in this book and by reading the life lessons one can change his or her life.

One must buy this book and should invest in their life.


Blog by: Rohit Jha