US Chapter

History of United States of America was dominated by Native Americans who lived in the Americas for thousands of years. English, in 1607, settled in Jamestown, Virginia and later started a new country. Considering the role of United States of America in the Global Market, Bihar Entrepreneurs Association mustered its resources for the upskilling of new generation entrepreneurs.
What to say of the Bay Area! It is the Mecca of StartUps. The role of this chapter is pivotal in boosting technology & innovation, investments and partnerships, which is spearheaded by Faculty, Department of Neurology, West Virginia University, Dr Abhishek Anand and Rakesh Ranjan, Global Director – Emerging Technologies, IBM and Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at SJSU. BEA-US Chapter has a clear role of bridging the geographical gap between India (Bihar, in particular) and the West.

AI Centre of Excellence Team

Rakesh Ranjan

Rakesh is an IBM executive driving the emerging technology research and development for Data & AI organization for IBM Hybrid Cloud. He leads a large team of Data scientists, Machine Learning engineers and Data engineers who are working to solve complex business problems for IBM customers around the world. Rakesh is also an Adjunct professor of computer engineering at San Jose State University in California. He advises multiple start-up companies in bay area and brings academia and industry together using cutting edge research in cloud and AI technology. Rakesh is born and brought up in Khagaria district of Bihar in a family full of academicians and teachers. He is involved with several charitable organizations in India who work for advancing the life of unprivileged children and women including the Anganwadi Born Learning data collection and analysis project driven by United Way Bengaluru. Rakesh is leading US Bay area chapter of BEA and setting up a center of excellence for AI in Patna.

Prerna Preeti

Prerna Preeti is Master of Science (CS) graduate from Indiana University ,Bloomington. Coming from the capital city of Patna, Bihar she is working as a Software Development Engineer in IBM Data & AI organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Prerna currently works on AI powered projects and is eager to help others working on projects related to Machine Learning and AI. Before moving to the United States, Prerna also worked on data warehousing and ETL technologies.

Ritu Singh

Ritu joined IBM as a Machine Learning Developer after completing her MS in Software Engineering from San Jose State University in California. She grew up in Bihar where she completed her schooling before moving to Chennai for Bachelors in Biotechnology. Her professional career started as a programmer analyst at Cognizant in 2011 and after 3 years, she joined Standard Chartered Bank as Senior Developer in 2014.

Satya Prakash Modi

Hailing from the city of Bhagalpur Bihar, Satya Prakash Modi is working as a Software Developer at IBM USA. Before moving to United States for his Master’s, he worked in India for several years on technologies related to Oracle Database. After completing his Master’s in the field related to Cloud Computing, he is currently working on cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Tulika Sahu

Tulika Sahu has Master of Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. She is working as a software developer in IBM Data and AI organization in the San Francisco bay area. Tulika spent her childhood in Bokaro Steel City, whereas her parents hail from Begusarai and Bhagalpur.
Tulika is a technology enthusiast and is really passionate to contribute and help more people from varied backgrounds in Bihar to make use of latest technological advancements in the field of Data, ML and AI in their respective fields.

Ravi Bhagat

Ravi Bhagat is a KLA executive driving the IT Infrastructure Center of Excellence with a focus on Digital transformation, Automation, and leverage Cloud-based services. He leads a team of Technology architects, Systems and Network Engineers who are working to enhance user experience while providing robust and scalable IT services. Ravi was born in Ara and has been brought up in Sainik School Tilaiya, Hazaribagh district in an environment full of educators and technical services. Before moving to the US Ravi worked at Pertech Computers and traveled extensively across India to build IT services.