US Chapter

History of United States of America was dominated by Native Americans who lived in the Americas for thousands of years. English, in 1607, settled in Jamestown, Virginia and later started a new country. Considering the role of United States of America in the Global Market, Bihar Entrepreneurs Association mustered its resources for the upskilling of new generation entrepreneurs.
What to say of the Bay Area! It is the Mecca of StartUps. The role of this chapter is pivotal in boosting technology & innovation, investments and partnerships, which is spearheaded by Faculty, Department of Neurology, West Virginia University, Dr Abhishek Anand and Rakesh Ranjan, Global Director – Emerging Technologies, IBM and Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at SJSU. BEA-US Chapter has a clear role of bridging the geographical gap between India (Bihar, in particular) and the West.