Services BEA Offer

  Connect-Collaborate-Excute People Benefits

  • Networking with the business community.
  • A platform to assist in framing economic & industrial policies through close linkage with the Government.
  • Access to Research, Surveys, Knowledge Papers, Press Releases Participation in Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Conferences, Seminars.
  • Advisory Services, Project assistance, Fund Support.
  • Apart from above benefits, BEA is rapidly becoming the association of choice for all industries. Directly or indirectly, it has approximately 6,000 companies from all over India enjoying their association with BEA. It encompasses a large and broad membership from top Public and Private sector companies, Consultancy and Service Organizations to Industry Associations, start-ups and individuals. Such conglomerate benefits the members of association and the people of Bihar and other states too.
  • BEA helps in setting up in Bihar, starting with an Idea to Launching Product or services, helping in getting necessary approvals, meeting the compliances, knowing Govt. and Non-Govt. schemes and many more.
  • It also helps in removing roadblocks at Micro-level, which has been a big hurdle in Bihar in setting up businesses till date.

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